Irvin “Prince” Lynch, CEO, Founder, and Owner

Every mogul has a defining moment in his life that steers him on the path to greatness. That moment came for CEO Prince Lynch at the age of 11 when his role model, Diddy (known as Puff Daddy then), entered the New Greater Bethlehem church in Jamaica, NY, in pursuit of prayer from then spiritual leader, The Late Pastor John H. Boyd. Finally, a Young Prince received confirmation from the universe that he should pursue and dominate Lifestyle, Music, Fashion, and Entertainment.

Fast forward to today, Prince leads Conquest Empire, a branding and consulting group, where he’s making good on that plan while going hard for his clients. He and his team provide a premium experience for brands that are tired of playing it small.

“Failure is Not an Option” is his overarching mantra for everything he does in life. And when he’s not flying across the country to take meetings or brokering deals for his clients, Prince likes to sit back and reflect on his trajectory. Who could have envisioned that a man who grew up in the Foster Care System in Queens, NY, would today occupy the same spaces as some industry-heavy hitters?

Prince likes to share this part of his journey not for sympathy but to show others that your beginning doesn’t dictate your destiny. One day, he aspires to be someone’s Diddy or source of inspiration and confirmation that they are indeed on the right track to greatness.

Orville Kingston, VP of Conquest Empire, CEO of Conquer Wear, Co-Founder

About 10 years ago, Orville started to invest in himself – changing habits, working hard, surrounding himself with good people. Up to that point, he relied on his family and pursued the definitions of success others laid out before him.

The result, years in the making, is Conquest Empire, a motivational lifestyle brand started recently by Orville and his friend, that operates with the ethos: “Failure is Not an Option.” They design and sell clothing, identify and hype up-and-coming musical talent, and before COVID-19, organized neighborhood community gatherings, like inviting people from different circles to watch the latest Floyd Mayweather fight.

The goal?

“As young Black people, as entrepreneurs, we can band together,” Orville says. “I’m trying to bring as many people together as possible. It’s a motivational thing. We want them to strive. We’re trying to build conquerors. We want to show people that you can put your mind into something different, not just the streets.”

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