Failure is Not an Option

We Are Now Accepting Orders!

Through our lifestyle brand you can be the example of conquering your dreams in your neighborhood. Use our message of inspiration to uplift each other. Here is early access to some of the styles we plan to share with the world!

We Didn’t Forget About The Kids!

Kids can be go-getters and dream chasers too! As a community of conquerors we understand that it takes a village. We are working to bring you inspiring clothing for your little boss’ wardrobe. With our early release you can be the first to get this shirt for your child. Check out one of our classic styles made for our younger entrepreneurs!

Our Completed Website Will Be Here Soon!

We are a lifestyle brand created by go-getters and dream chasers. As a community of conquerors determined to inspire our neighborhood and uplift each other around the world, our website must be a reflection of this. We are working hard to bring you a testament that failure is not an option, and reminder that Determination is the only way to achieve your dreams and never to give up. Here are just a few things we have to offer.

Conquest Wear

We provide a luxury lifestyle for the community, through our take on urban fashion! Choose your favorite fits for all seasons.

Conquest Network

Experience our unique and memorable events via live stream and catch our exclusive content you can only find here.

Conquest Records

Listen to all new hits, and breakthrough tracks from our team of talented artists, musicians and producers.

Also Pre-Order Your Book Today!

Experience the amazing life of a young, self-made CEO straight from the concrete jungle New York City. The CEO of Conquest Empire brings us on a journey through all his trials and tribulations: from separation at birth, through turbulent teenage years, to adulthood. Find out what it takes to make something of yourself when life hands you absolutely nothing from the very start. Success is the Goal, Failure is Not an Option. Available for pre-order exclusively upon our website launch.


You Don’t Want To Miss Any Conquest Events!

This is not just a lifestyle brand but instead a dream that has steadily become a reality through hard work determination, dedication and faith. Our events drive our mission home but immersing our audience in our unique take on event planning. You haven’t lived until you have been at one of our events, so stay tuned and contact us for deals, event dates and VIP Access!

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